Super Bowl Props Betting

Super Bowl props betting started innocently enough at Super Bowl XX, when Vegas sportsbooks offered a bet on whether William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry would score a touchdown in the game.

The burly Chicago Bears defensive lineman had been used in blocking situations during Chicago’s dominant 1985 season and it seemed like a fun ‘prop’ bet to post. The Fridge scored a TD in that game and within a few years, more Super Bowl props snuck into odds menus to the point where they now number in the thousands.

What is the Most Popular Super Bowl Prop?

The Super Bowl coin toss is one prop that everyone seems to want to have some action on. It serves a good starting point for a day of betting and its pretty easy to understand. It also doesn’t require a lot of research or handicapping.

Even though this seems like a perfect 50-50 proposition, sportsbooks often make heads or tails the slight favorite. You can also bet on whether the coin toss will be heads or tails and whether the team calling the toss gets it right or wrong.

If you want to get tricky with the Super Bowl coin toss, you can try betting whether the team that loses the coin toss will also lose the game and fun stuff like that. We have listed every Super Bowl coin toss result for every game so you can see if heads or tails is on a hot streak.

What Super Bowl prop bets can I make this year?

How about the National Anthem? Bet on how long it will take from the first ‘Oh say’ to the final note of ‘the braaavvve.’ Its another fun pre-game prop along with the coin toss. We spent way too much time re-playing and timing every national anthem from every Super Bowl so bettors can do a little research.

Other popular Super Bowl props betting options include team and player props, a slew of wagers on the Halftime Show and the Super Bowl MVP betting lines. Don’t forget about the Gatorade shower prop, where you bet on what color of liquid will get dumped on the winning coach’s head. We studied film from every Super Bowl since this first happened to New York Giants coach Bill Parcells. We have the definitive chart on the history of Super Bowl Gatorade showers here as well.

It sounds lame, but you can literally bet on thousands of Super Bowl props, so search the list for a few that can add to your enjoyment of the game. Hopefully it adds some dollars to your wallet as well.

Who Offers the best Super Bowl Props?

In years past, the answer to this question was always Bovada because they spent weeks planning and posting Super Bowl props on just about everything. You could even wager on whether the New York Stock Exchange would be up or down on the Monday following the Super Bowl.

Recently, has stepped up its game to challenge Bovada’s title as King of Super Bowl Props Betting. Both are reputable betting shops with great customer service.