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Totals have been one of the most popular ways to bet on the NFL for over 40 years, but most casual NFL betting fans don’t even call them totals. They just talk about the over/under (O/U for short). Which is perfectly all right – you’re either betting “over” or “under” a certain amount of points when you bet on NFL totals.

Bet on Props with Over/Under

But you can do a lot more than that too. The over/under also applies to the prop market, where you can bet on things like whether a quarterback will throw over or under a certain amount of touchdowns. NFL player props and NFL team props both use the over/under in this manner.

Ideally, any website that provides you with SU and ATS records should also have the O/U records listed for each team’s performance against the total. You’ll often find that the teams with high over records are strong on offense and questionable on defense, while teams with high under records are the other way around.

In 2005, that would have been the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bears. Both teams won their respective divisions, but the Seahawks took the NFC West with the No. 1-ranked offense in the league and an over record of 10-6, while the Bears claimed the NFC North crown with the top-ranked defense and an under record of 10-4-2.

When looking at a comprehensive list of O/U records, such as the NFL standings for a given year, you’ll be looking at how often each team went over. Chicago’s O/U record for 2005 would therefore be listed as 4-10-2: that’s four overs, 10 unders and two pushes. These numbers are strong indicators of a team’s offensive/defensive balance, so pay attention to them even when you’re not making an NFL bet against the total.