Round Robin

Are you ready for some advanced NFL betting strategy? Don’t worry, you don’t need an advanced degree in math for this one or even an advanced understanding of football. What you do need is to keep things organized. We’re dealing with parlays here, and a special way to play them is called the Round Robin.

Let’s say you have three NFL betting lines from three different games that you’d like to parlay:

Line 1
Oakland Raiders +10
Line 2
Kansas City Chiefs +11
Line 3
Jacksonville Jaguars +15

Everyone loves an underdog. You could combine all three of these puppies in a $300 three-team parlay, in which case you’d be paid out at nearly 6/1 if all three covered the spread – but that’s a risky bet to make. What if, instead, you made three different two-team parlays at $100 each?

What if, instead, you made three different two-team parlays at $100 each?

Parlay 1
Raiders +10
Chiefs +11
Parlay 2
Raiders +10
Jaguars +15
Parlay 3
Chiefs +11
Jaguars +15

Now, let’s say the Raiders and Chiefs both cover, but the Jaguars don’t. That means only the first part of this Round Robin comes true – but you still make a profit! Each part of your Round Robin is treated individually, so you earn $264.50 on the first part (that’s 2.645/1 for winning a two-team parlay) while losing a combined $200 on the other two parts. Compare that to a big fat zero in earnings for losing the entire three-team parlay when the Jags don’t cover.

Round Robins can be placed on as many as eight NFL betting lines at the same time, creating parlays of anywhere between two and six teams. The sportsbook’s betting interface will do all the heavy lifting for you. This format can be a great way to manage risk – people even use it with lottery numbers, but they’re still relying on luck to get paid. Betting on the NFL is a skill and a much smarter investment.