NFL Betting Guide

When it’s just you and a friend making a casual bet on who will win the Super Bowl – loser pays for dinner – that’s not something that requires a Rules Committee. But when you sign up with a sportsbook that things have to be done more formally, in very certain and specific ways. The good news for anyone interested in NFL online betting? You can become pretty good at it once you’ve learned the basic rules and customs, which won’t take too much of your time or brainpower. After that, the more you figure out how things work, the more you’ll understand NFL betting, and that means more money and more fun. It’s the same path everyone takes on the journey from novice to expert. Before you can even start betting on the NFL, you’ll need to know that there are different kinds of bets, and they work in different ways. Even the basic point spread that everyone has seen online or in the newspaper has some special qualities that most people don’t know about. We’ll tell you about those qualities, and we’ll explain how to place other NFL bets like parlays and teasers.

It’s easy to forget how simple football really is. There’s the ball, there’s the end zone – now go get the ball into the end zone. You can run with the ball or you can throw it. Go have fun. There are some other basic rules, of course, but that’s all you need when you and your buddies get together for some backyard football. It’s only when the stakes get higher that things all of a sudden have to get complicated. Now you have to have specialized rules to keep the game running smoothly, and specialized jargon to discuss the game at a deeper level. That’s how the National Football League works.

NFL Wager Types

Imagine how dull Baskin-Robbins would be if they only had one flavor – even if it was the greatest flavor ever invented, like some kind of vanilla-bacon hybrid. Forget that noise: when you bet on the NFL, you have many different types of wagers on the menu. You have everything from the reliable point spread to the more exotic flavors, like if bets and teasers. The NFL betting world has a time and place for all these wagers. We’ll put you on the right path by breaking down each category, showing you how they work and what you need to do to start making that money.