If Bet

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Is there a more powerful word in the English language than if? It certainly packs quite a punch when you’re betting on the NFL. The if bet is a clever way to put two straight bets together without turning them into a two-team parlay. Your potential payout will be lower, but so will your risk of not winning anything.

Let’s look again at the example game from our section on parlays:

  • Houston Texans -4
  • OVER 48

In this example, we wanted to bet on the Texans to beat the Philadelphia Eagles by more than four points, and we also wanted to bet the “over” on the total of 48 points. We could simply make two separate straight bets of $110 each, we could play a $220 two-team parlay, or we could take the third option and make an if bet, with $110 wagered on each of the two NFL lines in question.

Here’s how it works: we start with $110 on the Texans -4. If they cover, then the second leg of the bet is processed, and $110 is wagered on the total. If the Texans don’t cover the spread, that terminates the bet – the second leg is ignored. If Houston wins by exactly four points, or if the game is ruled “no action” or cancelled altogether, it’s treated like a standard push and all monies wagered are returned.

That’s provided you place a “win only” if bet. There’s also the “action” if bet; with this kind of bet, the second leg is processed as long as the first leg doesn’t lose. That means wins and pushes both count, as do “no action” rulings and cancellations. You can learn more about if bets and their different variations in the glossary section of your NFL betting sportsbook.