If you’re going to bet on the NFL, why not bet on the most important game of them all? Every year, people from around the world wager millions of dollars on who will win the Super Bowl. And you don’t even have to wait for the Big Game – the futures market is open year-round to serve your NFL football betting needs.

Futures Facts

Why do they call it the futures market?
It’s because the event you’re betting on takes place in the future. That’s also when you’ll get paid for your bet, after the event is over and the results are in. That makes it more of a speculative bet than picking a single game against the spread.
So who’s your favorite team?
You’ll find NFL odds for all 32 of them on the Super Bowl futures market. You’ll also find odds for who will win the AFC and NFC titles, as well as who will win the six divisions that make up the league. You might even find an early NFL line for which conference will win the Super Bowl.
Not every team has an equal chance of winning the Super Bowl
The top championship contenders typically have NFL odds of 10/1 or better, followed by the second-tier contenders between 10/1 and about 22/1. Then you have the fringe candidates, still viable but unlikely, with odds up to 33/1. Everyone else after that is a long shot to win the Super Bowl.

If your favorite team is one of these long shots, your bet may be just for entertainment value. But in the end, nothing beats cheering for your favourite team all year long.