Single Multi Single Bets

The most common method of betting the NFL is via a single bet. That’s any wager on the outcome of a single game or event – that means no parlays, no combinations, nothing tricky or complicated.

The single bet is the go-to move for betting on the NFL, no matter what level you’re at as a handicapper. If you want to bet on the NFL online for the first time, you should keep it simple and focus exclusively on making a single bet. Having said that, experienced handicappers conduct most of their business using single bets. Anything more exotic involves an added level of risk that must be managed.

How does an NFL single bet work?

Of all the single bets you can make, betting the NFL point spread is the simplest and the most popular. You can also bet the total or the moneyline. In each case, you’re looking at a single game with a specific set of variables to consider. You can research the two teams in question, the players on their rosters, the stadium in which the game is being played, and so on.

These single bets are the building blocks of your bankroll. The aim is to get more of them right than wrong; unless otherwise stated, you have to wager $11 to win $10 on a single bet, so you need a success rate of at least 52.4% in order to make a profit. Again, keeping it simple and sticking to these single-bet benchmarks will help you navigate the NFL betting waters more safely.

You’re going to be making a lot of single straight bets when you bet on the NFL. There are as many as 16 games every week during the regular season; each of those games has a point spread, a total and a moneyline. Things can get a bit confusing when you do your NFL online betting in bulk.

Good thing we have the option of taking all those single bets and rolling them into one enormous multi-single bet. You can take as many as 20 singles and put them together if you choose. This isn’t a parlay, by the way – each bet is processed individually. You can even use single bets from other sports along with your NFL betting.

What are multi Single Bets

Multi-single bets are useful because they allow you to manage your bet sizing more efficiently. You have the option of entering a different wager amount for each of the straight bets you make. Or you could simply decide you want to bet, say, $200 on an entire batch of 16 games.

In this case, all you have to do is place one $200 mutli-single bet. The sportsbook’s betting interface will do the math for you and divide that $200 evenly among the 16 games.

That’s not all. Instead of starting with the size of your wager, you can start with the size of your potential payout. Let’s say you want to win $500 at the end of the day with a multi-single bet that includes eight games.

Again, just enter that $500 into the computer, and the betting software will work out how big a wager each of your games will require to hit your target. Less work for you means more time to do other things – like researching the games in question and maximizing the money you win betting on the NFL.