In-play Wagering & Live Betting

Live Betting & In-Play NFL Wagering | NFL Online Betting – Learn about betting on the NFL online.

We hear about multitasking a lot these days, but does anyone really uni-task anymore? You’re probably doing at least three other things while you read this – maybe there’s a game on or you have some music playing, and you’re in between checking your tweets.

Interactive NFL Betting

This is a good thing. The Internet gives us the chance to do all these things together in real time. You can even get interactive when you bet on the NFL online, thanks to in-play wagering. In-play wagering is exactly what it says on the box: you can bet on updated point spreads, moneylines and totals as the game progresses during a live NFL broadcast. You can even go one step further and bet on each and every play as it happens – that’s called live betting. This is a great way to involve yourself in the game while also adding to your volume; remember, more NFL betting equals more profits.

Live NFL Betting

That doesn’t mean you should bet on every single play. Just like the bets available on the prop market, wagering live can get pretty speculative at times. It’s one thing to bet on whether the next play will be a run, a catch or an incomplete pass. You can look at stats like a quarterback’s completion percentage and get a decent idea about what to pick. It’s another thing to bet that a punt will be returned for a touchdown. That’s a very rare event, and betting on it to happen is like buying a lottery ticket.

Not every game is televised, so check your sportsbook to see which matchups are available for in-play wagering and live NFL betting. The more you know about the teams in question and the way they play football, the more money you can win.