Super Bowl Exact Matchup Odds

So its Week 14 and you feel pretty confident that the New Orleans Saints will win the NFC title and the Kansas City Chiefs will win the AFC title. Now if only you could make a bet that those two exact teams will face each other in the next Super Bowl ….

Oh wait, you can.

Who Offers Super Bowl Exact Matchup Odds?

Not all NFL online betting shops offer it, but some do. And its called Super Bowl Exact Matchup Odds. It takes every possible scenario and sets odds on each one. On the day we wrote this article, that KC vs Chicago option was +1900 or 19/1 odds. So, after Week 15, with many options on which teams will meet in the Super Bowl still alive, we can get a 19/1 payout if our prediction comes true.

Exact matchup odds are not available all season long, because early in the season, there are literally thousands of possibilities. But as the season marches along and some teams fall out of the playoff race, the list of options narrows and shops like post exact matchup Super Bowl odds.

Are Super Bowl exact matchup bets smart to make?

Consider these bets in the same vein as future wagers. These are still longshot bets, even if you are fairly confident in your selections. And it also means you are laying down your money in November for a bet that won’t be decided until late January. So that’s a long time to have your money just sitting there waiting for the bet to win or lose. It’s money you don’t get to invest in weekly NFL wagers.

As an example, check out the Super Bowl Exact Matchup Odds below as of Week 16 of the 2018 season. Lines are courtesy of

Super Bowl 53 Matchup Possibility Odds
Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints 744
Los Angeles Chargers vs New Orleans Saints 800
New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints 969
Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Rams 1095
Los Angeles Chargers vs Los Angeles Rams 1325
New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams 1415
Kansas City Chiefs vs Chicago Bears 1910
Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints 2030
Pittsburgh Steelers vs New Orleans Saints 2030
New England Patriots vs Chicago Bears 2450
Los Angeles Chargers vs Chicago Bears 2525
Houston Texans vs Los Angeles Rams 2925
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles Rams 2925
Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints 4375
Houston Texans vs Chicago Bears 4975
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Chicago Bears 4975
Kansas City Chiefs vs Dallas Cowboys 5200
Baltimore Ravens vs New Orleans Saints 5250
Indianapolis Colts vs Los Angeles Rams 6250
Kansas City Chiefs vs Seattle Seahawks 6550
New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys 6600
Los Angeles Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys 6850
Los Angeles Chargers vs Minnesota Vikings 7350
Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota Vikings 7400
Baltimore Ravens vs Los Angeles Rams 7450
New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks 8300
Los Angeles Chargers vs Seattle Seahawks 8600
New England Patriots vs Minnesota Vikings 9400
Tennessee Titans vs New Orleans Saints 9800
Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears 10600
Baltimore Ravens vs Chicago Bears 12600
Houston Texans vs Dallas Cowboys 13300
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys 13300
Tennessee Titans vs Los Angeles Rams 13900
Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles 15300
Houston Texans vs Seattle Seahawks 16700
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks 16700
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Minnesota Vikings 18900
Houston Texans vs Minnesota Vikings 18900
New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles 19400
Los Angeles Chargers vs Philadelphia Eagles 20000
Tennessee Titans vs Chicago Bears 23500
Indianapolis Colts vs Dallas Cowboys 28000
Baltimore Ravens vs Dallas Cowboys 33500
Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks 35500
Houston Texans vs Philadelphia Eagles 39000
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles 39000
Indianapolis Colts vs Minnesota Vikings 40000
Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks 42000
Baltimore Ravens vs Minnesota Vikings 47500
Tennessee Titans vs Dallas Cowboys 62000
Tennessee Titans vs Seattle Seahawks 78000
Indianapolis Colts vs Philadelphia Eagles 82000
Tennessee Titans vs Minnesota Vikings 88000
Baltimore Ravens vs Philadelphia Eagles 98000
Tennessee Titans vs Philadelphia Eagles 180000
Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints 270000
Kansas City Chiefs vs Carolina Panthers 380000
Miami Dolphins vs Los Angeles Rams 380000
Kansas City Chiefs vs Washington Redskins 380000
New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers 490000
New England Patriots vs Washington Redskins 490000
Los Angeles Chargers vs Carolina Panthers 510000
Los Angeles Chargers vs Washington Redskins 510000
Miami Dolphins vs Chicago Bears 640000
Cleveland Browns vs New Orleans Saints 670000
Cleveland Browns vs Los Angeles Rams 950000
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Carolina Panthers 980000
Houston Texans vs Washington Redskins 980000
Houston Texans vs Carolina Panthers 980000
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Washington Redskins 980000
Tennessee Titans vs Carolina Panthers 999999
Tennessee Titans vs Washington Redskins 999999
Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins 999999
Miami Dolphins vs Seattle Seahawks 999999
Miami Dolphins vs Philadelphia Eagles 999999
Indianapolis Colts vs Carolina Panthers 999999
Indianapolis Colts vs Washington Redskins 999999
Miami Dolphins vs Dallas Cowboys 999999
Miami Dolphins vs Carolina Panthers 999999
Miami Dolphins vs Minnesota Vikings 999999
Cleveland Browns vs Minnesota Vikings 999999
Baltimore Ravens vs Washington Redskins 999999
Cleveland Browns vs Philadelphia Eagles 999999
Cleveland Browns vs Washington Redskins 999999
Cleveland Browns vs Seattle Seahawks 999999
Baltimore Ravens vs Carolina Panthers 999999
Cleveland Browns vs Carolina Panthers 999999
Cleveland Browns vs Chicago Bears 999999
Cleveland Browns vs Dallas Cowboys 999999