Super Bowl Betting

Super Bowl betting – it’s the pinnacle of NFL gambling. No single event on the sports calendar generates as much hype or as much NFL online betting as the Super Bowl. Along with the Kentucky Derby, it’s the only event each year where even casual fans say “I need to make a bet!”

And placing a bet on the NFL’s title game doesn’t need to happen on Game Day. You can place Super Bowl bets online at any time during the year, it’s just that the type of wager is different. takes a look at the various forms of Super Bowl betting that fans can enjoy.

Super Bowl 53

Check on our ongoing coverage of Super Bowl 53 odds and tracking of futures during the season. Each week, we update the NFL futures and give fans previews and matchup reports on the week’s biggest games. Click here for NFL online betting news for previews, trends and other important gambling information.

How To Bet Super Bowl 53

You know the winning pick, you have saved a little bankroll for betting the Super Bowl, but now where and how do you place the bet? If you are new to sports betting or online gambling in general, you will need to know the best NFL betting sites to check out and a little helping hand in getting set up. Check out our How To Bet Super Bowl 53 primer.

Super Bowl Betting – Futures

Bet on your favorite team anytime during the year via NFL futures, also known as Odds to Win the Super Bowl. Whether it’s Week 6 or Week 2 of the preseason, placing online NFL bets is simple. We track these Super Bowl futures during the season so you can always see the odds on the team you love or the team you hate. Check the odds here.

Super Bowl Props Betting

Online props continue to grow in popularity and the Super Bowl betting menu sees literally thousands of unique NFL prop bets to choose from. From the coin toss and the over-under on the National Anthem odds to the halftime show (which song will be performed first) and odds to win the Super Bowl MVP, this represents a great chance to have fun and make extra profit on the game! See the list of Super Bowl props betting opportunities.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting

Heads or tails? Will the team calling the Super Bowl coin toss be right or wrong? Will the NFC or AFC rep win the coin toss? Will the team that wins the coin toss also win the game? It only takes a second for the Super Bowl coin toss to get you started on a great day of wagering fun. See our definitive Super Bowl coin toss list.

National Anthem Prop Odds

It’s a great honor to be chosen to sing the Super Bowl National Anthem. And as soon as the singer has been announced, you can be sure that bettors are checking out Youtube videos of their other anthem performances. Why? So they can make an educated bet on whether the anthem will be over or under a certain time limit. Check out the history of Super Bowl anthem singers and the over-under odds for each year. We are the only site on the planet with a full listing of every anthem performance from a Super Bowl betting standpoint.

Gatorade Shower Odds

While the national anthem and coin toss signify the start of the Super Bowl and the halftime odds and halftime show pros signal the middle, the Gatorade shower has become synonymous with the ending.

Most years, the winning coach gets ceremoniously soaked with a jug of Gatorade. But what color will the Gatorade be? Let’s bet on it! Well, you just bet on just about everything else, so why not whether the liquid is clear, yellow, blue or orange? We were the first site online to gather the result of every Super Bowl Gatorade shower! Your welcome!

Super Bowl Halftime Show Betting

Halftime isn’t just a break from the football action. It’s a chance for the fans to hear a great artist and therefore a chance for another round of Super Bowl prop bets, starting with which song will be played first, what color of shirt the singer will wear and more. Check out the Super Bowl Halftime Show props list here.

Super Bowl MVP Betting Odds

Quarterbacks almost always win the Super Bowl MVP, hence why the QBs will probably be at the top of the Super Bowl MVP odds every year. But there will be odds on just about every player on the field and you can pocket a nice profit if your guy has his biggest game in the NFL’s biggest game. See the Super Bowl MVP odds history and current odds.

Super Bowl Exact Matchup Odds

Several top online sportsbooks who offer NFL betting make these types of wagers available at different times of the year. How does it work? Basically, you can make a bet on which two teams will meet in the Super Bowl. Check out our updated Exact Matchup odds listings.