Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop

Is the Super Bowl coin toss prop really a 50-50 situation or can you handicap it?

Well, it’s a coin toss, so it has to be a 50-50 chance. But there have been some interesting ‘trends’ emerge when this most popular Super Bowl prop is discussed.

Overall, through Super Bowl 53, tails held a slight 28-25 lead of heads for everyone keeping track at home.

NFC Wins 14 Coin Toss Props in a Row

If it’s 50-50, how the hell did the NFC manage to win 14 straight Super Bowl coin toss calls between Super Bowl 32 and 45? Sometimes the NFC called it right, sometimes the AFC called it wrong, but whatever. That’s a major coin toss trend!

Overall through Super Bowl 53, the NFC was dominating the Super Bowl coin toss prop with a 35-18 lead.

Win the Coin Toss, Lose the Game

It seems a little harsh to suggest that winning the coin toss can doom your team to failure in the Super Bowl. But the facts don’t lie.

In the 15 Super Bowls between No 38 and No. 52, the team that won the coin toss won just five times (Seattle in Super Bowl 48, Baltimore in Super Bowl 47, Green Bay in Super 45, New Orleans in Super Bowl 44 and the Giants in Super Bowl 42).

Overall, the edge is smaller with the coin toss winner going 28-24 in the game itself (through Super Bowl 52).

Patriots Flip Flop on Coin Toss

Here’s a perfect 9-0 Super Bowl coin toss prop winner for you: when the Patriots make the Super Bowl, pay close attention to the coin toss, then make your Super Bowl bet.

In nine Super Bowls, New England is perfect in doing the opposite of the coin toss. That means when they win the coin toss, they lose the game (three times). When they lose the coin toss, they win the game (six times).

Check the Super Bowl coin toss chart below to see for yourself.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop History

Super Bowl Coin Toss Toss Winner Game Winner
1 Heads Packers Packers
2 Tails Raiders Packers
3 Heads Jets Jets
4 Tails Vikings Chiefs
5 Tails Cowboys Colts
6 Heads Dolphins Cowboys
7 Heads Dolphins Dolphins
8 Heads Dolphins Dolphins
9 Tails Steelers Steelers
10 Heads Cowboys Steelers
11 Tails Raiders Raiders
12 Heads Cowboys Cowboys
13 Heads Cowboys Steelers
14 Heads Rams Steelers
15 Tails Eagles Raiders
16 Tails 49ers 49ers
17 Tails Dolphins Redskins
18 Heads Raiders Raiders
19 Tails 49ers 49ers
20 Tails Bears Bears
21 Tails Broncos Giants
22 Heads Redskins Redskins
23 Tails 49ers 49ers
24 Heads Broncos 49ers
25 Heads Bills Giants
26 Heads Redskins Redskins
27 Heads Bills Cowboys
28 Tails Cowboys Cowboys
29 Heads 49ers 49ers
30 Tails Cowboys Cowboys
31 Heads Patriots Packers
32 Tails Packers Broncos
33 Tails Falcons Broncos
34 Tails Rams Rams
35 Tails Giants Ravens
36 Heads Rams Patriots
37 Tails Buccaneers Buccaneers
38 Tails Panthers Patriots
39 Tails Eagles Patriots
40 Tails Seahawks Steelers
41 Heads Bears Colts
42 Tails Giants Giants
43 Heads Cardinals Steelers
44 Heads Saints Saints
45 Heads Packers Packers
46 Heads Patriots Giants
47 Heads Ravens Ravens
48 Tails Seahawks Seahawks
49 Tails Seahawks Patriots
50 Tails Panthers Broncos
51 Tails Falcons Patriots
52 Heads Patriots Eagles
53 Tails Rams Patriots