Super Bowl Commercials Betting Odds

If oddsmakers who set the Super Bowl commercials betting prop odds are correct, there will be nearly twice as many commercials as points scored.

Bovada set the over under on the Super Bowl commercials prop at 96. The over under for Super Bowl 53 between the Los Angeles Rams and new England Patriots opened at a super high 58 points.

Let’s face it, a lot of casual NFL fans are just as interested in watching the ads as in watching the game. Sometimes moreso. So why not offer Super Bowl commercials betting to keep them counting along with the ad spots, while the rest of us are counting along with TDs and FGs?

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Watch for more Super Bowl ad props to crop up closer to Game Day, as sportsbooks often produce lines in the most expensive ad or the average cost of ads. Those bets usually get settled a few days later when CBS announces the prices and revenue for Super Bowl 53 commercials.

The props list below usually pits one brand against the other to see which one will appear first during the game. If you love potato chips (who doesn’t?), you can bet whether Pringles or Doritos will show up first.

If you love cool cars (who doesn’t?), bet on whether Hyundai or Mercedes will get its brand shown first. You may be able to handicap this, as the game is being played in Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium. But wait, Hyundai is a lead sponsor of the NFL and the Genesis Halftime Report was a major sponsor all season long.

Which beer will be first (Bud Light is favored)? Which soda? Check out the opening props list below, but see Bovada for the full list as they keep adding fun Super Bowl commercial props.

Super Bowl Commercials Betting Props – from Bovada

How many commercials will run during the Super Bowl?

Over 96 -120

Under 96 -120

*CBS Broadcast Only. From Kickoff to Game’s End for all props.

Which commercial will appear first?

Turkish Airlines -500

WeatherTech +300

Which commercial will appear first?

Expensify -180

Turbo Tax (Intuit) +140

Which commercial will appear first?

Avocados From Mexico -120

Planters (Kraft Heinz) -120

Which commercial will appear first?

Doritos -145

Pringles +105

Which commercial will appear first?

Bubly -120

Pepsi -120

Which commercial will appear first?

Audi -200

Kia +150

Which commercial will appear first?

Hyundai -400

Mercedes-Benz +250

Which commercial will appear first?

Budweiser +175

Bud Light +190

Stella Artois +400

Michelob Ultra +400

Bon & Viv SpikedSeltzer +400

Which commercial will appear first?

Coke or variants -170

Pepsi or variants +130

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