NFL Player Props

Imagine how much easier it would be to bet on the NFL if each team had just one player. Okay, one-on-one football games would be ridiculous, but handicapping them would be a lot simpler without those other 104 guys to figure out.

Bet on NFL Player Props

Of course, you can never completely separate the accomplishments of one player from those of his teammates. However there’s still a lot less legwork to do when you bet on NFL player props. For instance, let’s say you want to bet on whether Tom Brady will pass for over or under 300 yards in an upcoming game against the Denver Broncos. Thanks to the information superhighway, we can quickly see that Brady has topped the 300-yard mark just three times in eight career starts against Denver. Is it a home game for the New England Patriots? Brady is 1-2 lifetime in that situation. There are other variables you should take into account, naturally, but you’re already well on your way to making an educated NFL bet.

The most common NFL player props are like our Brady example, dealing with easy-to-measure football stats such as yards passing and touchdowns scored. The more the prop in question veers away from events on the football field, the more difficult it will be to analyze. Super Bowl props can get pretty crazy, asking things like who the star player will thank first when he’s handed the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Will it be God? His parents? His coach? There’s only so far data analysis can take you with this kind of player prop.

Betting Over/Under in NFL Player Prop Bets

Aside from crunching the numbers, you can employ some simple betting psychology to get a leg up on the prop market. The NFL betting public tends to wager on outcomes that it would like to see happen, which usually means the “over” when it comes to over/under bets. That means you can often get some decent value by taking the “under” when it comes to NFL player props featuring beloved superstars like Brady. It all depends on the situation.