Super Bowl Futures

You know the NFL has taken over America when people petition the government to make the day after Super Bowl Sunday an official federal holiday. Nothing is more important than the Super Bowl – not even millions of people going to work the next day.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until February to bet on the Super Bowl. You can go to the NFL futures market and do it right now – and it won’t cost you any sick days. NFL odds for who will win the next Super Bowl are available year-round, usually before the previous Super Bowl game has even started. This is an incredibly popular way to bet on the NFL. Millions of people around the world will bet at least a small amount (and sometimes far more) on their favorite teams to win the Super Bowl. It could be any team. It could be the Cleveland Browns.

Most of those people won’t get paid. Only one team can win the Super Bowl, of course, and only a handful of quality contenders are expected to compete at that level.

However, this is a great opportunity to make some cash. Any time a bettor puts money into the NFL betting market without really considering the value of his investment, he’s adding to the pile of “dead money” that’s available for everyone else to fight over. You can join this fight by entering the NFL futures market with a sharp, well-considered bet on who will win the Super Bowl – because getting paid is fun too.