January 22, 2014 Travis Reason

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An Early Look at Super Bowl XLVIII

NFL Week 14 Betting PicksThe best offense in the league and the best defense in the league. The best quarterback in the league and the best secondary in the league. The top seed in the AFC and the top seed in the NFC. These are the classic confrontations that will unfold in Super Bowl XLVIII in New York on February 2. Who are you taking with your NFL betting picks?

We’re going to take an early look at this game and give out some NFL betting tips based on first instincts. Here’s the inside scoop on this game:

Super Bowl XLVIII – Game in East Rutherford, NJ

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

Game Line: Broncos -3, 47.5 O/U

The outcome of this game should turn based on the ability of the Seattle offense to move the ball (and score touchdowns) against Denver’s defense. Those betting on the NFL know that the Seahawks’ top-ranked defense and the Broncos’ top-ranked offense will understandably get all the attention, but it’s the “other game within the game” that is probably going to determine who lifts the Lombardi Trophy in suburban New York.

The Seahawks have to realize that the Broncos – while perhaps not as physical as the San Francisco 49ers – are still a team with a very physical defense. It was felt by many people that the Broncos would struggle on defense against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game without Von Miller (their best pass rusher), Chris Harris (their best cover corner), and Kevin Vickerson (their best interior run stuffer in the middle of the defensive line). However, Denver found replacements in all areas of its defense. If the Broncos can replicate that performance against Seattle, they should be in great shape to not only win but cover the NFL online betting spread of three points.

As for the over/under, the Broncos play in cold weather more than the Seahawks do, but the Seahawks play in wet weather more than the Broncos do. These and other realities will be fascinating to monitor when this game begins because this is an outdoor Super Bowl in a northern city, one that will be subjected to the elements. It is still 13 days before the big game, but the early weather forecasts point to a kickoff temperature in the mid-30s, one that will drop as the game continues. There might be a few light snow flurries, but it would probably take a lot of snow to truly change the way in which this game is played.

The really big variable concerns the wind. If there’s a lot of wind, Denver quarterback Peyton Manning will have a tough time pushing the ball through that wind in the quarters when he’s operating against it. The Broncos’ passing attack could really suffer. Seattle, on the other hand, would relish bad weather because that would enable the Seahawks to play more of a game based on power running and simple ball handling, without complicated downfield pass plays.

If one had to make a bet on the over-under at this point in time, the under would be the smarter NFL football betting choice. However, those who bet on the NFL should keep an eye on the weather reports because if just a few days before the game it shows there will be hardly any snow or wind, the over might become more attractive.

All in all, this feels like a modest-scoring game that Denver will win and cover the NFL betting odds.

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