With hundreds of NFL Betting Sportsbooks available, it's easy to become confused and intimidated. Many appear enticing at first glace so our expert reviewers examine their histories, odds, and options very closely before making a recommendation.

Here are some sportsbooks that appear to be reputable and competitive, but failed to pass our rigorous examination for real-money NFL Betting:

  Sportsbook RATING Country SIGN-UP BONUS Our Verdict
  2/5   20% up to $100

There is a long history of gambling sites that associated themselves with Futurebet eventually scamming players. is one such site and we have to recommend avoiding them.

  2/5   100% up to $500

Oddsmaker is a sportsbook that has famously fleeced more than $250,000 from winning players in their troubled history. The sportsbook has a reputation for cheating players whose only offense was beating the sportsbook linesmakers.

  1/5   20% up to $1000

Unfortunately this site failed our tests on several criteria: It has weak software and a history of not being able to provide payouts to players on time.

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