NFL Odds

It isn’t easy being a brick-and-mortar business these days. Unless you’re providing a service that just has to be done in person, like a veterinarian or a massage therapist, you can do so much more on the Internet. Even the sportsbooks in Las Vegas can’t give you everything that you can get when you bet on the NFL online.

Sure, they have complimentary drinks and interesting live entertainment. However you can’t bet on what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach at the Super Bowl. Las Vegas only allows you to bet on football-specific events that take place on the field during the game itself. You have to go online if you want to join the millions of people who are betting on the National Anthem prop and the halftime show.

NFL Prop Bets

You’ll find the vast majority of these special NFL bets on the prop market, and on the futures market, as well. We’ve already explained elsewhere the difference between these bets and the everyday NFL point spread wagers; now it’s time to find out more about what kind of props and futures are available on the market, and which ones will give you the most value for your NFL betting dollar. We’ll even go into some of the history behind these bets.

While you’re learning about props and futures, keep in mind that these are exotic bets, and not your standard point spread wagers. They need a different strategy, but you can also rest easy knowing that the NFL betting public consistently makes the same mistakes when they bet on Super Bowl props, and even during the regular season. A little psychology goes a long way when it comes to betting on the NFL. Add a dash of financial planning and some common sense, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of your football knowledge.